Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Guasha Set

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Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury with our Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller and Guasha Set. Elevate your daily self-care routine and unlock the secrets to radiant, youthful-looking skin with these exquisite tools crafted from the soothing energies of rose quartz.

Facial Massage Roller Benefits

Our Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller is designed to gently massage and stimulate your skin, promoting improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The dual-ended roller features a larger stone for your cheeks, forehead, and neck, while the smaller stone is perfect for the delicate under-eye area. As you roll it over your skin, you'll feel tension melt away, leaving your complexion looking refreshed and revitalised.

Facial Guasha Benefits

The Rose Quartz Facial Guasha tool enhances your skincare regimen by aiding in the absorption of your favourite serums and creams. Its unique shape allows you to target acupressure points, reducing tension and promoting a natural, radiant glow. The guasha tool can also help alleviate puffiness and promote the natural contouring of your face.

Natural Beauty with Rose Quartz

Our rose quartz tools are crafted from natural materials, each possessing its own unique colour variations and subtle imperfections, making every set one-of-a-kind. Rose quartz is renowned for its healing properties and is believed to promote self-love and harmony. Harness the loving energy of rose quartz to pamper your skin and nourish your soul.

How to use
1: Begin by cleansing your face and making sure that your skin is dry before using the tools

2: For optimal results, apply a few drops of Active Brightening Facial Oil onto your face, neck and chest before gliding over the area with the massage roller and guasha

3: Take the rose quartz facial massage roller and starting at the centre of your face, gently glide it outwards towards your hairline. Repeat this motion across your forehead, cheeks, and jawline

4: Next, use the rose quartz facial guasha tool and repeat the same gliding motions on your face, neck, and chest. Pay extra attention to areas where you experience tension or puffiness

5: After you have finished using the tools, be sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before storing them

6: Repeat these steps daily, or as needed
Made of rose quartz stone. Cleanse and dry tools thoroughly before and after use. Do not refrigerate or freeze tools. Do not use tools if chipped, cracked, broken etc. Do not use tools more than recommended. Use tools gently on the face.

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