Skincare Tips

Why Skincare is Selfcare


You know that skincare is important for skin health but what about mental health and overall well-being? Self-care is a concept that means different things to different people. Looking after your skin plays an important role in self-care, and not just because pampering makes you feel better. 

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. When you are feeling low, it can be difficult to find the energy to focus on your skincare routine. The danger with this is that it gets harder to get back into a good routine the longer you let things slide. 

Like any other routine, skincare can provide many benefits for self-care, however. Routines are calming, bringing order to life when things feel out of sync. Beyond the comfort of sticking to regular routines, looking after your skin is the ultimate act of self-love. When your skin looks and feels good, you feel good as well.  


Speaking to Everyday Health, dermatologist Erum Ilyas, MD explains why skincare is important for her own well-being. “Caring for my skin is one of the first steps in my self-care routine,” she says. 

In the same interview, Matt Traube, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and a psychodermatologist in California adds that routines such as healthy eating habits, exercise, journaling, and skincare are all essential for mental well-being. He adds that skincare can help to ease anxiety - especially during times when we are more likely to have raised anxiety levels. 

“Patients who experience anxiety and depression often report that their condition is exacerbated 30 minutes to one hour before bed. This is when they have more idle time, which increases worry for a lot of people,” says Traube. 

Spending that time on soothing activities such as washing, toning, and moisturising allows you to get out of your head and focus on what you’re doing rather than letting your anxious thoughts run wild.


Kate Dillen, a journalist at, documented her self-care journey, and the impact that skincare routines have had on her anxiety and well-being. She discovered that the time spent investing in her skincare routines was even more important than the actual products she used. Dedicating time to the rituals of cleansing, masks and treatments acts as a meditation of sorts. 

According to Dr Sanam Hafeez, Byrdie Review Board member and founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, "A skincare routine, like any other form of self-care, can be soothing and calming. On a deeper level, it makes you feel like you’re honoring yourself aesthetically, by taking time out for yourself. Those few minutes, if spent going through steps in a rhythmic, calm, and purposeful manner, can almost be meditative."


Finally, there is something to be said about making time for yourself in your busy life. The Honest Team says that this routine should be something to help your skin and mood. Pampering yourself feels good. Setting time aside in the morning or before bed helps you reconnect with yourself and give yourself the pampering you need.

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