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Skinimalism: Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

Skinimalism: Simplifying Your Skincare Routine | blog | YEARN SKIN

As the antithesis of #shelfie hashtags and speeded-up TikTok routines, skinimalism gives another take on skincare. It’s about simplifying your skincare routine, focusing on the ingredients and products that matter the most. It’s about giving your skin a break from routines that end up doing more harm than good. 

What is Skinimalism and How Does it Help Your Skin?

Vogue UK describes the skinimalism movement as stripped back skincare routines, for a minimalist approach. Fewer products and active ingredients, the rise of multitasking products and a simplified routine all form the basis of this movement. 

In the Vogue UK report, facialist Debbie Thomas explains the need for a simplified approach to skincare. “The most common thing I see with new clients is irritation, sometimes in the form of rashes, inflamed breakouts, redness and flare-ups of conditions like peri-oral dermatitis. This is because using too many products, trying new formulas each day, layering incorrectly or combining too many actives overwhelms, overstimulates and confuses the skin.”

InStyle states that the trend follows on from slow beauty, letting natural skin texture and tone shine through. The “less is more” approach will very often be far more effective than the current need to layer on countless products, even before adding makeup.

In their report, NYC-based board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Shereene Idriss, MD explains why layering on endless skincare products can do your skin more harm than good. "The biggest risk is developing an irritation, which can evolve into residual post-inflammatory erythema and hyperpigmentation. This outcome can take months to resolve, leaving you with a bigger problem than you had in the first place."

The skinimalism movement is really not a trend, either. As far back as 2019, Glamour UK beauty writer Shannon Lawlor was talking about how stripping down her skincare routine to just three steps made a major difference in her breakouts, irritation, sensitivity, and other skin problems. Her advice to readers is to ask the following questions: “Do I really know what I’m putting on my skin and what it means? Do any of the products counteract each other? Does my skin really need this right now?”

A good way to give your skin all it needs without layering on too many products is to go with a skincare kit made for your skin type and needs. YEARN kits offer the ideal way to try the skinimalism trend, with kits containing our core products.