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Normal Skin: The Ultimate Guide & Skin Care Routine

Normal Skin: The Ultimate Guide & Skin Care Routine | YEARN SKIN

Normal skin is best defined as what it is not: neither oily nor dry, rarely sensitive and not particularly problematic. With such a complexion, you may be inclined to just let it be. Why mess with perfection, right? Wrong. Even normal skin needs a bit of love and attention. Read on to learn all about your normal skin type and how to care for it properly.

What Is “Normal” Skin?

Skin is generally classified as “normal” if it isn’t overly oily or dry and doesn’t face any persistent skin concerns or conditions. This well balanced healthy skin type has even levels of moisture and hydration, uniform texture and no obvious problem areas (in other words, you’ve hit the skin care jackpot). That said, normal skin can experience slight variations in oiliness and dryness - and even the occasional breakout - when exposed to environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.

Balanced Oil Production

Because of a healthy balance of oil and water, normal skin feels even and balanced. It can simply do its job: be a barrier, eliminator, regenerator and absorber. If you have this healthy skin type, you only require maintenance with a great skin care routine, which we will unpack below.  

Barely Visible Pores

Your pores are not obviously large (which would be a sign of oily skin) - in fact they’re barely visible. Lucky you!

Cleansing Feels Fine

Whether you use a foaming cleanser, a balm, or even an oil cleanser, your skin always feels clean and calm. Overall, your healthy skin doesn’t feel tight, dry or sensitive. 

Minor Breakouts

You rarely experience breakouts. If you do, you can usually attribute it to neglecting your skin care routine, forgetting to remove makeup and sunscreen or hormonal fluctuations (such as your period).

​Minimal Sensitivity

You don’t react to new skin care products or ingredients. Your skin tone is even and smooth. 

Now that you’ve identified that your skin type is a normal skin type, here’s how to take care of your complexion so it continues to perform optimally. 

Key Steps For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Normal skin may not have obvious problems, but it still requires proper care to stay healthy and youthful. Caring for normal skin takes a three-pronged approach: Treat immediate issues, maintain your skin’s health and protect your skin from future damage.


Treat your skin according to its needs of the moment. You can make minor adjustments to your skin care routine to tackle intermittent dryness or oiliness as well as target the odd dark spot or blemish. Feeling dry? Swap your lightweight moisturiser for a richer formula. Blemish emerging? Add a spot treatment to your nightly routine. Pick products that you can easily incorporate into your skin care routine so you can make these quick game-time decisions.


No immediate skin concerns or conditions to address? Normal skin types likely don’t have to focus on skin concerns like acne or hyperpigmentation. But you’re not off the hook - yet. Even normal skin requires proper care to maintain its healthy glow.  You get to focus your energy on maintaining the happy, healthy-looking complexion that you already have. For example, a spa facial is still a great way to prevent potential skin concerns and enhance your glowing complexion. You can talk to your esthetician about the Blueberry Detox Firming Peel, a professional-grade treatment that combines blueberry, raspberry and blackberry juices, as well as pineapple extract to refresh the skin. Your esthetician will also recommend a set of at-home products to help maintain skin’s health and appearance. If you can’t make it to a spa, we have collated a skin care routine you can do at home below. 


Key to keeping up your skin’s health is protecting it from drying environmental stressors. UV rays, blue light radiation and pollution expose skin to free radicals - unstable and highly reactive molecules that damage otherwise healthy cells. Over time, cumulative exposure leads to premature skin aging and the development of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. You can protect your skin by minimizing sun exposure, adjusting your lifestyle habits and adding SPF and antioxidant-rich products to your skin care routine.

Normal Skin Care Routine

Part of keeping normal skin strong and healthy is choosing the right products. Here is what Yearn Skin's Founder Nadia Michael recommends for a normal skin care routine:

    1. Cleanser: Niacinamide Cleansing Gel, perfect for a gentle cleanse without stripping the skin
    2. Exfoliator: 5% Glycolic Exfoliating Tonic; necessary at least 2 times a week to remove excess oil, dry skin and keep the pores unclogges 
    3. Mask: Glow Turmeric Mask, to enhance brightness whilst maintaining moisture 
    4. Serum & Moisturiser: Our Active Brightening Cream is a great 2-in-1 serum, moisturiser combo...perfect for hydration and treating hyperpigmentation.
    5. Always use a good SPF during the day time to protect the skin
Do you believe you have a “normal” complexion? We’d love to hear how you care for your skin’s needs! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and join the conversation on social media. Follow us on Instagram: @yearnskin
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