Melanin-Rich Beauty: Care for your unique skintone

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With consumers looking to personalise their skincare regimens for their specific needs, supported by proactive self-education about their skin, it is imperative that skincare brands respond to these evolving needs to ensure consumers of different skin-types feel included during their product selection.

Beauty product formulators need to fully understand the science behind melanin-rich skin in order to create the best performing products and meet the expectations of melanin-skin rich beauty consumers. Personalisation is a focus and current consumer trend, particularly in the beauty and personal care industry. The drive to personalisation is also a result of the diversity and inclusivity movement. Now it is time for brands to develop products for more diverse skin types and tones, to address consumers’ desire to have the best products for their skin. Today’s consumer has more accessibility to personal care data, which has led to an increase in more educated shoppers. Consumers are looking to personalise their beauty regimens for their specific needs. Education and understanding of the structural properties of their unique skin is a priority for these consumers.


Melanin-rich beauty consumers are recognising that there are key differences in the structural properties of skin with varying melanin content. Unique tones require unique solutions in beauty products. As a result, formulators must understand how to adapt their formulations to the requirements of such skin-types in the development of products for more diverse skin.


Pigmentation is not defined by the number of melanocytes in the skin but by the activity of the melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin, once produced, is then deposited into keratinocyte cells of the epidermis through melanosomes. Melanosomes are capable of building up around the cell nucleus with increased melanin production and aid in protection against ionizing radiation. While UV protection is advantageous, there are some care routine differences that come with melanin-rich skin types. To address these concerns, Yearn Skin has highlighted several Active Ingredients and their functional role in providing solutions.


WHERE ITS FOUND: Yeast, meat, fish, milk, egg, green vegetables, beans and cereal grains

BENEFITS: AKA Vitamin B, One of the most talked about ingredients in skincare right now, this stable form of vitamin B3 is great for all skin types. It brightens and hydrates your skin, reduces premature signs of ageing and makes pores appear smaller for a smooth complexion.

SHOP PRODUCTNiacinamide Cleansing GelActive Brightening Facial Cream


WHERE ITS FOUND: Bearberry, mulberry, blueberry, cranberry, pear varieties and wheat

BENEFITS: If you're concerned about hyperpigmentation, acne scars or age spots, this ingredient helps to fade them. Alpha arbutin also brightens skin, without bleaching, for more radiance and an even complexion.

SHOP PRODUCT: Alpha Arbutin SerumActive Brightening Facial Cream


WHERE ITS FOUND: Mushroom, soy sauce, miso, sake and rice wine

BENEFITS: This skin brightener slows the enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin, which makes it really powerful in reducing hyperpigmentation, discolouration or scarring caused by acne.

SHOP PRODUCT: Active Brightening Facial Cream


WHERE ITS FOUND: Specifically, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. Found in lemon, grapefruit, peppers, strawberry, blackcurrant, brussel sprout, potato, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower

BENEFITS: An effective antioxidant, brightens the skin tone, and reduces visible signs of aging. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is an oil-soluble and extremely stable derivative of vitamin C.

SHOP PRODUCT: Active Brightening Facial Oil

These products from Yearn Skin provide meaningful solutions to alleviate the concerns of melanin-rich beauty consumers through scientific evidence and efficacy.

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