Fad or Fact

Fad or fact? We demystify a few beauty myths to help you make the most of your beauty products

Fad or fact? Demystifying a few beauty myths | blog | yearnskin.co.za

Once a year, at the very least, a new beauty trend comes into town and disrupts the way enthusiasts take care of their skin. It’s important to take stock of what may work for you and what could be a waste of time or money. Less is more.

Speaking to Vogue UK, Margaret Mitchell from Space NK, a luxury beauty retailer says, “One big trend that started this year since people started spending more time at home was wearing less make-up and becoming more aware of how our skin looks and feels. Subsequently, we are seeing continued demand for products that deliver smooth, clear and even-toned skin.” 


“Google search data reflects the growing obsession: People have searched for collagen an average of 1.4 million times each month this year to date.” According to New York based consumer trends research company Spate, shares that number has gone up 35 percent from last year. The New York Times is calling ingesting that collagen powder or munching on a collagen bar, risky business. Is it a wrinkle buster? Will it slow your skin from sagging or drooping? There is, at the end of the day, a lack of research. But the risk of allergies and propensity for fraud are a big reality because of a lack of regulation. Collagen has become to anti-ageing what charcoal became to detoxing.


It appears that we may need to worry more about over-cleansing than not doing enough washing. So shares one dermatologist, Dr Cara McDonald with Mamamia. "Excess cleansing, harsh cleansers and exfoliation are all known to cause a breakdown in the skin’s barrier system and disrupt the skin’s natural defences and microbiome.” Your microbiome is a distinctive community of microorganisms on the body that fight bacteria. Watch out for the following if you’re worried that you’re overdoing washing your face - dryness, flaking, itchiness, redness, roughness, sensitivity and unevenness. The choice is ultimately up to you. There might be some days or nights where an extra step is necessary. Start with a cleansing balm or oil and then end off with a gel or something gentle.


Oil used to be something that we were told our skin had to fight off and definitely not something we should apply as a treatment unless maybe your skin was suffering from major dryness. And it seems the products that are being formulated and refined are according to dermatologists interviewed for an article in Refinery29, here to stay. "Advances in the ability to refine oil have led to cosmetic-grade oils that are the consistency of water," says Dr. Jeannette Graf, a renowned New York dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. "They used to be thick and clogging, like mineral oil, but now they're very emollient and don't leave any residue on the skin."


The backlash or response to the ten-step skincare regime popularised by K-Beauty, this pared back approach has meant a return to the more basic three step routine touted by experts at the turn of the century. It’s great if you’re time poor or want to keep your skin journey simple and rely on a few multitaskers.