Excessive Skin Care Can Be Damaging

Excessive Skin Care Can Be Damaging | yearnskin.co.za

Skincare trends seem to fluctuate just as much as fashion and beauty nowadays. With every season, there are different products influencers swear by, and brands release new skincare lines to keep up with the growing demand. Consumers want instantaneous and effective results, which is why some products are in this month and not next month. 

While this is great for skin care corporations, it has caused a perplexing problem. Consumers either use too many skin care products or change between brands so often that they are simply ineffective because of short use. Overall, it’s a waste of your money, time and effort. 

More than that, it can be more damaging to your skin than you may realise. 

A Very Real Problem

Layering skin care can be beneficial but only if the active ingredients work together. When you have too many products, active ingredients can become volatile and cause serious damage. Incompatible acids can lead to burning, pores can become blocked with all the different products, and scarring can worsen. In addition, overloaded skin will become more sensitive. 

And while you may not be too concerned, stripped skin can have a detrimental effect on your overall physical and mental health. Damaged skin is the ideal state for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to thrive. Makeup application will become more difficult, affecting your self-image if you are trying to cover up the oiliness and scarring. 

So yes, it is very much a real problem that you need to take note of. Correcting your skincare usage is important in maintaining healthy, happy skin. 

Strained Skin 

Looking out for the signs that your skincare routine may be doing more harm than good can ensure you prevent irreversible damage from occurring. Frequent breakouts, skin that seems to be getting oilier and stinging or irritation are usually indicative of excessive skincare use.

Reducing your current flare-up as a result of work-related stress or the change of seasons may be premature because your skincare routine could be at fault. And this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of how to “fix” the issue and return to smooth, bump-free skincare. 

Before you go out booking every facial and buying even more products, relook at what you are using. We know the feeling. Clean, clear skin does so much for overall well-being. And while your social anxiety can increase when your skin isn’t in the greatest condition, you need to assess what you are putting on your skin. 

Reducing the number of skincare products you use is the first step to helping your skin. Keep to the basics such as a cleanser, moisturiser, serum and SPF. Experts advise that using only a handful of active ingredients is more beneficial than several different ones. 

Once you have recognised the signs that your skin is starting to suffer from your regimen, you need to change it immediately. Speaking to a professional or shopping from reliable online retailers such as Yearn Skin, who do not push overloading, can ensure that you use products that make a difference instead of doing damage.