Yearn Skin was founded by siblings Natasha Michael (BA) & Nadia Michael (MBA), and is a proudly South African brand. Frustrated with not being able to find products that were diverse and catered to their market, the siblings began a two year long journey to create a brand, with efficacy being priority. The pair worked with expert formulators and labs; as well as testing facilities ensuring that all formulations and products are efficacious, safe for consumer use and of the highest quality. 

"As women of colour we personally struggled with uneven skin tone and dark marks. After years of going for skin treatments and spending thousands on skincare products; we found that many skincare brands on the market did not cater to our particular needs. We believe that skincare should not only be inclusive but reasonable in terms of access and affordability.

 And so, our brand was started out of the necessity to address the issue of hyperpigmentation. We know how this skin condition affects one's self-esteem and we wanted to create a comprehensive skincare line addressing this issue.

Essentially, we want people to FEEL GOOD IN THEIR OWN SKIN.

As a company we value customer experience, product quality, efficacy, education, research and development, authenticity, boldness and innovation. We want to thoughtfully formulate affordable, proudly South African products, that meet EU standards where possible, and enhances your natural beauty. We believe that everyone yearns for and deserves skincare that makes you feel good in your own skin."
Natasha and Nadia, Founders Yearn Skin